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Malay Language

2014 Hari Raya Celebration

Hari Raya Puasa @ BPPS was celebrated the 1st week of Syawal. The week-long celebration started with a concert during the respective assembly periods, hosted by our very own P5 Malay pupils. On the same day, there was the sampling of traditional delicacies. During recess, pupils were treated with 3 types of traditional delicacies such as Buah Rotan, Putu Kacang and Cakar Ayam. Pupils sure had an enjoyable time tasting the sweet treats! The P3 Chines and Tamil pupils were given the opportunity to experience the wearing of the Malay traditional costume. Decked in the colorful baju kurung and baju kebaya, the pupils were also given a photograph each, capturing their fun moments wearing the Malay traditional costumes with their classmates.

2014 Immersion Trip to Kuala Lumpur

During the June holidays, 24 of our selected Malay  Primary 4 and 5 pupils went to an immersion trip to Kuala Lumpur from 25th June till 27thJune 2014. They were accompanied by 3 of our MT teachers, Mr Tan Guan Heng, Mdm Noraishah and Mdm Murni. One of the palces that the pupils visited was the Mini Malaysia and ASEAN Cultural Park where pupils have a better insights of the type of Malay houses available in Malaysia.The most experiential activity that the pupils enjoyed most was the visit to the authentic kampong that is Kampong Dorani. In the kampong, they experienced playing the Malay traditional games like coconut bowling and gasing. They also visited the paddy field and banana chips factory. On the last day of the trip, pupils visited a local school over there in Kuala Lumpur. They did interact with the pupils of the school and make friends with them. They also sat in to observe a classroom teaching lesson. At the end of the trip, pupils had taken away something more than just having fun, that is, the unforgettable experiences during the trip.