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Chinese Dance

Mirage Dance Troupe (Chinese Dance) has been established since 1995. It comprises of 2 classes, the Elementary class and Intermediate class.  New members will attend Elementary class to learn the basic Chinese dance movements and skills. They will be promoted to Intermediate class once they have met the requirements of the Intermediate class to experience a higher level of dance technique and choreography. In both classes, the training incorporates various types of dance movements-classic and contemporary- to cultivate a greater appreciation of Dance.  There is also focus on dance technique training as well as body conditioning exercises to develop flexibility and stamina (e.g stretching activities, acrobatic moves).   

Besides taking part in Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Competition, Mirage Dance Troupe also took part in the First International Youth Chinese Dance Competition (Beijing) in May 2011 and the 6th International Youth Chinese Dance Competition (Singapore) in 2016.   The dance Troupe also held public performances at Lam Soon CC Mid-Autumn Festival, Vivo City Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinatown Chinese New Year Lightning Ceremony on a yearly basis and was the ONLY primary school (Chinese Dance) being selected by Ministry of Education to perform at The Float @ Marina for River HongBao 2012.  

Through intensive but enjoyable dance lessons, BPPS Mirage Dance Troupe (Chinese Dance) aims to guide and hone our dancers in the pursuit of excellence in dance and groom talents to contribute to Singapore’s growing Performing Arts community.


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