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Environmental Club

The Environmental Club was started in March 2016. The aims of the club are to: ·        
  • Inculcate a green mind set in all student members. ·         
  • Build a strong environmental awareness in the school population. ·         
  • Increase the biodiversity of flora and fauna within the school.     

Our activities         
  • We participated in the Singapore Garden Festival for the first time on Sun, 31 July 2016. The students created a game based on the facts of plants and showcased the game with members of the public. Hand-made bookmarks with environmental messages were given out as prizes. CCA members also actively promoted the booth by giving out these bookmarks. It was an excellent platform for the students to be socially creative in promoting green causes.      
  • Student members, together with a NPARKS team, conducted the first BioDiversity Audit of our school premises. They gained a deeper understanding of the plants we have in the school and how they support the ecosystem.
  • Student members also learnt how to create bottle plants to be hung around the school. The project is on-going.

  • Student members have a greater appreciation of how their efforts towards greening the school environment positively impacts the biodiversity in the school and increases the awareness of such efforts to the rest of the student population. ·         
  • Student members learnt basic skills in transforming bottles into suitable receptacles for growing plants, in using tools to transfer planting soil into the bottles and in performing plant cuttings. ·         
  • Student members learnt how to proactively market themselves to the public so as to spread the awareness of their green efforts. ·         
  • They also put into practice the school values of responsibility, respect and teamwork through all the CCA activities and understood how these values serve to guide them to complete their assigned tasks.

environmental club trip
solving puzzles 

our students presenting