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Malay Dance

Malay Dance strives to inject vibrancy, gracefulness and developing the love for intricate dance movements in our Aspirasi members. By infusing BPPS's school core values - R3ICG, such as respect, sense of responsibility and resilience in our members, Malay Dance provides a platform to cultivate and showcase students’ talents, building team building spirits as well as boosting their confidence level.  

Our vibrant yet graceful Aspirasi dancers had done BPPS proud in 2016 through receiving the Certificate of Distinction. One of the highlights in the SYF Art Presentation event was an invited performance in the SYF 2016 Celebration - Dance Extravaganza at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on 3rd July 2016. Performing before the members of public, back-dropped by a beautiful and picturesque view of the Marina Bay Sands, was indeed a delightful and an enriching experience!