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Scope of Physical Education and Health Education Programme

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 Scope of Physical Education Programme

The selection of activities for a balanced yet challenging PE programme is based on our students’ 
  • Nature
  • Needs
  • Capabilities
  • Interests

Lower Primary

Focuses on,

  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Educational Gymnastics
  • Dance 
  • Sports 2 Life 

which develop students’ psychomotor skills, control and co-ordination. These will lay the foundations for further learning of more advanced psychomotor skills, sports and games.

Upper Primary

Focuses on further development and refinement of fundamental movements and psychomotor skills through a broad range of physical activities such as

  • Fitness and Health Management
  • Sports and Games
  • Athletics 
  • Sports 2 Life 
  • Sports Leaders Programme

Scope of Health Education Programme

Health Education aims to provide knowledge and skills to empower pupils to lead healthy lifestyles and to take responsibility for the health and well-being of others and the environment. Another key aim for the programme is to provide pupils with the opportunities to develop and practise good health habits and attitudes.