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Morning Sharings to Teach Values (MTV)

The morning assemblies are planned for teachers and pupils to share with the aim to Engage, Excite and Enrich pupils with knowledge beyond the classroom. MTVS are broadly classified according to the following :

Mindful Monday
  • Promote self-regulation among children 
  • Promote positive coping method to manage their emotions 
  • Improve their well-being

Timely Tuesday

  • Sharing of current issues in Singapore or in the World to the students. 
  • Keeps the students up to date on matters around the world.

Wow Wednesday

  • Sharing of some fascinating information which students learnt or discovered.

Thankful Thursday
  • Showing gratitude to their friends, teachers and families by thanking them.

Fantastic Friday

  • Presentation of prizes and certificates for students who have excelled in academics
  • Sharing of Caught It Right.