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School Rules and Regulations

  1. Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

  2. Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.

  3. Attire

    • Girls
      • White blouse with green pinafore of decent length, plain white socks and shoes
      • No wearing of headdress
      • Small stud earrings only and no other jewellery allowed

    • Boys
      • White shirt with green shorts, plain white socks and shoes
      • Shirt must be tucked in at all times
      • No jewellery allowed
      • Clean shaven and no keeping of moustache and beards

    • PE
      • White PE T-shirt and green shorts
      • T-shirt must be tucked in at all times
      • PE T-shirt can only be worn on days with PE lesson


  4. Be neat

    • Girls
      • Fringe should not touch the eyebrows
      • Hair touching the eyebrows and shoulder must be tied up
      • All hair accessories must be in black or green

    • Boys
      • Hair should not touch the eyebrows, ears and collar of the shirt
      • Dying of hair is not allowed
      • Hair-styling products are only allowed to keep hair in place to look neat and tidy
      • Nails must be kept short, clean and not painted

  5. Be punctual for school and all school activities

      • Attend school daily and be on time. Skipping lessons and truancy are serious offenses
      • Produce medical certificates or letter from parents to explain absence from school
      • AM (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri: 7.20 AM)
      • PM (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri: 12.40 PM Wed: 1.10 PM)

  6. Respect your teachers and peers

      • Greet the teachers.
      • Listen and not engage in own conversation when someone is talking
      • Do not engage in physical or verbal violence
      • Do not use vulgarities
      • Do not fight
      • Learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

  7. Be responsible and exercise self-discipline

      • Do not bring electronic devices, hand phone and games to school
      • Move quickly and in an orderly manner from place to place
      • Play only at the designated area.

  8. Keep the school premises clean and take good care of school property

      • Eat only in the canteen
      • Flavoured drinks are only allowed in the canteen
      • Do not litter and keep the school clean
      • Do not vandalise any part of the school