Co-Curricular Activities @ BPPS

CCA is an integral component to the holistic development of students in Bukit Panjang Primary School. Through CCA, students are provided with varied and authentic opportunities to develop character and competencies that are critical for students to meet the emerging challenges of the 21st Century.

Physical Sports develop robustness, fair play and team spirit in students. 

The Visual and Performing Arts instil in students a sense of graciousness and appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society. 

Uniformed Group activities aim to make good citizens of students by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. 

Clubs and Societies allow students to explore and extend their interest in wide ranging and specialised areas which may be knowledge-based or skill-based. Students are honed in information, communication and technical skills as they strive to grow their mastery of the specialised areas.

Guiding Principles

BPPS follows a set of principles when designing and implementing the CCA programme.       

  • Provide breadth of experiences ·        
  • Ensure development and progression ·        
  • Provide challenge and enjoyment ·        
  • Provide social bonding and integration ·        
  • Consider available resources and safety