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Indian Dance

On 30th July 2016, Senja Cashew CC had organised a Racial Harmony block party in celebration of Singapore’s Racial Harmony Day and the BPPS Indian Dance troupe was very privileged to be part of the celebration. The joyful and dynamic dance, Josh, was showcased not only to the members of the public who attended the event, but was also performed before the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, who was there to grace the occasion. The dancers performed with such gracefulness and energy and were exuberated with pride performing on stage. Indeed it was an enriching and exciting experiences for the members, with the bright and colourful costumes adding vibrancy and diversity to the Racial Harmony celebration.  

 On 8th August 2016, the Indian Dance troupe performed before the school as part of the National Day celebration, premiering their SYF dance piece. They are definitely proud to be part of the celebration which aims to showcase the rich diversity and culture of a multiracial society.

our indian dancers
National Day performance