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Who We Are

Head of DepartmentMrs Serene Loke
Level Head 
Mdm Jessie Tan
Learning Support CoordinatorMs June Tay 
 MembersMdm Nor Ezlin Bte Abdullah
Mdm Annie Azrina
Ms Jody Chan
Ms Wong Lai Yoke
Ms Eng Mei Chen
Mr Jarrell Teo Jie Le
Ms Siti Hawa Bte Mohamad Haniff
Ms Zhao Weini
Mrs Kristin Heng
Ms Foong Kah Yin
Mrs Teri Toh
Mdm Siti Nur Iryani Waled


Towards a positive and passionate learner in Mathematics.


To provide a learning environment where pupils:
  • engage in the learning of Mathematics through fun and discovery
  • acquire Mathematical knowledge and skills in problem solving
  • gain interest and confidence in applying Mathematical concepts, skills and knowledge in real life situation.   

Key Programmes

Name of ProgrammeTarget Level
LSMPrimary 1 - 2
ICANPrimary 3 - 5, 6 FMA
 Mathematics Acitivty WeekPrimary 1 - 6 
 Alternative Assessment (Formative Tasks)Primary 1 - 5
Provision for High Achievers  Primary 3 - 6 
Mathematics Leaders Primary 1 - 6
 Mathematics Competitions Primary 2 - 6