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Mother Tongue Languages

Who We Are

Head of DepartmentMs Lee Siew Siew Irene
Level Head (CL) 
Senior Teacher (CL) 
Senior Teacher (ML)

Ms Kay Wang Jing Xuan
Mdm Liew Siew Chiew   
Mdm Sri Rahayu


Mdm Dong Rui
Mdm Guo Yue
Mdm Li Wei
Mdm Li Wen
Mr Liew Wai Kee
Mdm Liew Yu JIa
Ms Ng Li Xuan 
Mdm Soon Meiling
Mdm Sun Ying
Mdm Chua Yeong Joo
Mdm Ramlah
Mdm Noraisah Bte Anwar
Mdm Murni Bte Sapuan
Mdm Siti Zafirah
Mdm Vanitha
Mdm Nirisha 
Mr Lim Lai Huat 


We aim to make the learning of Mother Tongue Language fun and interesting for all our pupils so that they can apply the knowledge they have acquired in their daily lives.


1. To provide a nurturing and thinking environment so as to develop our pupils to be proficient users of       
    their Mother Tongue Language.

2. To arouse pupils' interest in learning their own Language and Culture.


Key Programmes

Name of ProgrammeTarget Level
Chinese New YearPrimary 1 -6 
Cultural Performance Exposure SchemePrimary 2 - 5
 Reading Programme (Story Sharing session)Primary 1 - 4
 Primary 3 Cultural Learning Journey Primary 3
 Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight Primary 1 - 6
 Mid Autumn Festival Carnival Primary 1 - 6
 Hari Raya Celebrations 
 Deepavali Celebration  
 Happy Writing