PE, Aesthetic & CCA

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Row 1:  Ms Soh Fang Ying, Ms Judit Agadi, Mr Mohamad Riad, Mdm Siti Nurul Ain, Mr Mike Teo, Mr Saifudin
Row 2:  Ms Felicia Cheong, Mdm Suhaily, Ms Cheng Hui Meng, Mr Melvin Chan, Mr Edmund Liew, Mr Hasyim Tan Abdullah, Ms Wu Zhekang, Ms Winnie Ng


Who We Are 

Head of Department            
Mr Mohamed Riad Bin Mohamed Padli
Subject Head
Mr Mike Teo

Mdm Suhaily Bte Salam
Mr Lew Huai Jie
Mr Saifudin Bin Mohammed Amin
Mr Hasyim Tan Abdullah
Ms Winnie Ng
Ms Cheng Hui Meng
Mdm Siti Nurul Ain Bte Abdul Rahman (AED-TL/PE)


PE / HE / Sports

The PE, HE and Sports programme in Bukit Panjang Primary School is an integral component of the school's holistic curriculum. Members of the PE, HE and Sports department strive to create an environment where students of BPPS always get the best possible opportunities to develop themselves through a physically active culture and all round healthy lifestyle.


  • Active and healthy pupils with the resilience to overcome all challenges


  • Promote participation in PE and Sports by providing a variety of physical activities.
  • Develop and maintain physical health and fitness through regular participation in physical activities.
  • Promote positive self-esteem through body awareness and control.
  • Promote understanding and application thinking skills through PE lessons.
  • Encourage pupils to demonstrate the spirit of fair play, teamwork leadership and sportsmanship.
  • Promote safe practices during physical activities, both in and outside school.
  • Develop confidence in PE teachers with the teaching of PE in school.
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders as part of the School Health Promotion Plan.
  • Promote platform for CCA participation where pupils can be exposed to authentic character development experiences. 


  • PE for Life (The values, skills and camaraderie learnt and experienced during PE lessons should be continued throughout the pupils’ life and be part of their development from young to adulthood). 

Key Programmes