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Adventure and Leadership Camp

The school's annual Adventure and Leadership Camp, is an important platform where Primary 5 pupils embark on a 3 days and 2 nights adventure camp, away from the comfort of their homes and the confines of the walls of the classrooms.

The Adventure and Leadership Camp provides an excellent opportunity for the school to expose the pupils to learn beyond the classroom. These unique outdoor experiences allow pupils to develop connections with the environment and maximise the learning of values.

The pupils engage in various outdoor physical activities in an unfamiliar environments, set in both natural and urban settings. These activities provide interesting and dynamic settings for pupils to be exposed to leadership, teamwork, compassion and empathy.

Overall, the pupils find it an enriching experience that helps them appreciate home more. And the teachers enjoy the camaraderie experienced with the pupils.

Primary 5 Adventure Camp 2018 Video                                                                             Primary 4 Adventure Camp Pictures