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Reading Programme

The Mother Tongue Languages Department has come up with various activities aimed to promote reading culture and instill in students a love for reading. “Reading Marathon” has been launched since 2013, students are able to accumulate points from reading Chinese books and writing book reviews. Thereafter, the students can use their accumulated points to redeem prizes of their choice. Selected book reviews will also be put up on the noticeboard outside the canteen for all to view.

Picture book reading sessions were also conducted for P1-3 students. This not only arouses the students’ interest in reading, it also teaches students life lessons. In addition, there is the class “Book Flood” whereby the class teacher lends students Chinese storybooks to read.

Story sharing sessions were held twice a year for all P1-4 students to tell a story or act out a story on stage for the whole level to enjoy. With the help of PSG members, storytelling sessions were conducted during recess. Many students have discovered the joy of reading through these activities.