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(From left to right) Ms Foong Kah Yin, Mdm Nur Muliani, Mrs Florence Chan, Mdm Noni Sulastri, Mr Kwan Siew Tung, Mdm Lalitha, Mr R Shyam Kumar, Ms Chang May Ling, Ms Alina Goh, Mrs Phyllis Lim, Mrs Lim-Chua Tien Wee, Mr Edward Lok

Who We Are

Head of DepartmentMs Chang May Ling
 MembersMrs Lim-Chua Tien Wee 
Ms Foong Kah Yin
Ms Alina Goh
Mrs Phyllis Lim
Mrs Florence Chan
Mr R Shyam Kumar
Mr Kwan Siew Tung
Mr Edward Lok
Mrs Janice Tan
Mdm Lalitha Pandian
Allied Educators (Teaching & Learning)Mdm Nur Muliani Perdanawati
Mdm Noni Sulastri 


Have a self-inquiring mind and love for the environment.


To care for the environment, ask questions, solve problems and develop scientific skills for life-long learning.

Key Programmes

Name of ProgrammeTarget Level
Science WeekPrimary 1 - 6
Earth Week Primary 1 - 6
 World Water DayPrimary 1 - 6
 Biodiversity WeekPrimary 1 - 6
 Sony Creative Science AwardPrimary 1 - 6
 Learning Trip to Science CentrePrimary 6
 Performance TasksPrimary 3 - 4