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Gratitude @ BPPS

'Gratitude' is one of the BPPS School values.  Gratitude @ BPPS aims to develop the following attributes in our students:
  • An “attitude of gratitude” in our students and instilling the practice of expressing gratitude as a key part of student’s everyday life 
  • Improve students’ self-esteem as gratitude is an essential component to optimal performance
  • Nurture students to show appreciation and gratitude to the others and community       
  • Enhance empathy and reduce aggression. 

Gratitude projects consist of the following:

1. World Water Day
2. CCA Appreciation Moment
3. Our BPPS Unsung Heros
4. A & G (Appreciation & Gratitude) Day
- Racial Harmony Day
- National Day
- Teacher’s Day
- FTGP period (once per month)
- Gratitude Journal